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                 Ferocious lover of the art of emceeing, William Lee is a layer over layer of charm and festering intellect and the crustiest of wit. A gifted multilingual emcee. William Lee has past experience as a Radio DJ, TV Host, VO Talent, and Actor. An onion of a man! William Lee gets a lot of kudos for being a premier emcee in Singapore, having hosted more than 3,000 live shows. He is synonymous with hosting some of the biggest events and shows in Singapore and overseas.

             As an experienced corporate event emcee, William Lee works closely with a myriad of companies and individual clients to bring high energy and engagement to corporate events. He embodies charisma and personality and offers unrivaled performance when delivering a fulfilling event experience. In addition, William’s style for formal and informal events has left the fashion police impressed with his style statement. 

               William Lee is well-informed and experienced with the accepted customs, etiquette, and procedures followed in official or formal settings. His knowledge of protocol helps him understand how to introduce guests, handle formal speeches, and conduct the event in a way that is appropriate and respectful to all participants. Over the years, William has been honored to welcome and address local and foreign royalty and dignitaries.

            When you hire William Lee’s services, his team takes the time to understand your brand, theme, objectives, and tone of the event. Consequently, he can use his excellent communication skills to fully engage with the audience and ensure everyone feels included and understood. He can effectively tailor his performance to match the event’s overall message. You can expect him to entertain and work with the audience while helping meet the objectives of the event owner.  

           William Lee is very deliberate about event emceeing, which is respectful, engaging, and provides value. He incorporates a variety of methods, including humor, storytelling, and other techniques that promote an energetic and captivating atmosphere.

               As a corporate emcee, William Lee understands that he is representing the company or organization hosting the event. He is the perfect choice if you’re looking for an experienced emcee who will always maintain a professional demeanour and dress appropriately for the occasion.

                   Events can be very unpredictable. In this regard, you need to hire the right emcee who can adapt to different situations and improvise if necessary. Throughout the event, William Lee will execute smooth transitions between event segments. In case of unexpected alterations or issues arise during the event schedule, the experienced emcee can use impromptu speaking skills to make necessary adjustments and get the event back on track.

                  Are you looking for a corporate event emcee in Singapore? William Lee will bring charisma, personality, and engagement while delivering key messages to your audience. Contact us today, and our team will get back to you right away. We look forward to being part of your corporate event team!

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