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Singapore is a very vibrant part of Asia. Indeed, Singapore has a rich culture and interesting people. This combination makes for a wide array of events like parties and weddings. The work of emcees is to make these events as mind-blowing and memorable as possible.

Do you need a high-level emcee in Singapore? Say no more. We have just the right emcee to preside over your event. William Lee is arguably one of the biggest names in the emceeing business.

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William Lee is one of the best emcees in the world. He possesses a Midas touch in the field of emceeing. When you have him as your emcee, you are sure to expect even the most reserved guests to join the party.

William Lee has a proven track record of successfully emceeing big events worldwide. With an alluring charisma and captivating personality, William will leave your guests talking about your events for days on end.

What makes William Lee tick?

With prior experience in TV and Radio, William Lee brings a dynamic career with numerous accomplishments. On the way, he acquired unique skills that have made him an emcee to recon with. To start with, William knows best his audiences, and his stellar career in emceeing, therefore, has not come as a coincidence.

William also has a lot of experience dealing with different cultures across and beyond. Indeed, William Lee has emceed in Asian countries such as China, Thailand and in other continents such as Africa. He is also multilingual, making it fairly easy to deal with various cultures and nationalities. Most importantly, William is very versatile. He is an expert at reading the audience and manipulating the show to their liking. You can never go wrong with William Lee!


When seeking out William Lee for emceeing services, worry not about your location. William Lee has transverse the world, showcasing his emceeing talents to all the corners of the world. Therefore, you are assured of his timely presence, irrespective of your location. William offers his services in all cities and towns across Singapore, whether in Kula Lumpur, Malacca, or even George Town.

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Mr. Lee has a flexible schedule and is always open to conversing with his clients. Feel free to reach out for bookings and more information. Be ready to host the best-ever event in Singapore with William Lee, YOLO!

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