Why Do You Need A Professional Emcee?

A professional emcee could set the right tone and create the perfect ambience. We understand the dynamics and protocol of an event, keep things moving with poise and charisma, while keeping the audience energized and engaged.

A professional emcee is also your insurance policy. What happens if there is a technical glitch?

Or a hiccup? We know how to handle unforeseen variables with grace, ease, and improvisation, and we are all equipped with a keen ability to read the room and adjust our approach accordingly to best fit your crowd.

And here are other compelling reasons:

1) Time-keeping
– The emcee will have the ultimate control of the event proceedings. While there may be a stage manager to help manage the schedule, but by being on stage, a professional emcee will ensure that everything is kept on time.

2) Addressing the VVIPs
– A professional emcee will know the protocol and right way to address the presence of your guest-of-honour and other VVIPs, royalties, ministers, captain of industry and so on.

3) Smooth Transition
– A professional emcee will always ensure a seamless transition between different segments of the program. It is paramount that there is no “dead air” on stage during the program. Dead air is bad air on stage.

4) Ice-breaking and Humour
– A true talent in a professional emcee lies in his capacity to make the person sitting in the last row as connected and involved as the guy in the front row. Obviously you want your guests to feel important and it is the emcee’s job to do this, complemented by the right dose of wit and humour too.

5) A good opening & closing
– A professional emcee can deliver a good opening to set the right tone and wrap up the event with a heartfelt message. Your guests will always remember an impactful opening and closing.

You’ve spent a fortune on the venue, decoration, AV, entertainers, photographer, videographer etc. Why leave all that potential teetering on the edge without a professional, experienced emcee to hold it all together?

In summary, a professional emcee can benefit you and your event in ways unimaginable. They will ensure the continuity of the proceedings, keep your audience attentive and entertained, even incorporate their own exciting abilities like comedy and magic, and lend professional opinions about any and all aspects of the event.